Berry Patch update

While some areas of the yard get worked on others go by the way side. I have been watering the berry patch but we have not done too much weeding of the berry patch. We have trimmed down out front and planted tulips and we have worked on the veggies, fruit trees and the pond.

The pond had so much algae in it that we could not see the fish at all. We tried one type of chemical for about a month and it did nothing. So very disappointing. We got a very expensive algae eater chemical and of course it worked right away. But along with the new chemical we also took out a good 6 inches of water from the pond. We watered all the veggies and fruits and we pulled out the water hyacinths, they are all dying. Which is very odd. We put them in two big barrels with the algae pond water and I have been watering the plants with that pond water for a few days. Then we scrubbed a bunch of rocks, rebuilt the waterfall and we scrubbed the top 6 inches of the whole top edge the pond liner. It all looks and runs much more smoothly. It has been a week since the all day pond face lift, but it was worth it. We can see the whole way to the bottom, every single rock. Today I added three of the water hyacinths back into the pond. If the pond scums up within the week we will know that we purchased some diseased plants this year.

I split up the one strawberry plant into three and so we now have a short little row of four strawberry plants. We propped up all of the asparagus, because it doesn’t like to stay standing up on its own and lays on top of the strawberry plants and is much bigger than I had anticipated. So we used a few garden wickets to hold them up straight. Now they are in two beautiful rows, one on either side of the strawberry row.

We planted a fall crop of sugar snap peas, which we now have 4 little sprouts so far. We harvested the spaghetti squash. We put up another wire to the three new fruit trees that we are growing Espalier style and tied a few branches down on two of the trees. And so we have been a tad busy and have let the new berry patch get a bit overgrown with weeds.

Today the Huz and I spent an hour weeding the berry patch. Everything in the berry patch is new this year so no berries this year but next year there should be a few. The last thing I want is to waste time and money on plants that die because of neglect. We are going to have to put up some stakes and wires just like the fruit trees, for the blackberries and the raspberries. Just not nearly as extensive thank goodness. But today was rip out the weeds that are trying to choke out the new berries.

In the before photos you can see that there is a great deal of luscious greenery growing.

And in the after photo you can see that the nice little designated areas for the berries to grow and that we already have some stakes out. We just need to put up some support wire. Also in the after photo you probably can not see all over the weeded area is covered in acorns. Which I am going to want to rake up and pile into the woods for the deer/ wildlife this winter.

We did do a time lapse of about 45 minutes of our full hour of weeding. Its a bit blurry but its so crazy to watch in a few short seconds a full hours worth of hard work pay off.

This fall we are planning to continue our chipping efforts of the leaves that fall in our yard and we will be putting down a nice big layer of chipped leaves over the berry patch as well as over the rest of the new fruit tree patch and the blueberry patch too. Free insulation as well as winter nutrient feeding and weed block/deterrent are the three main reasons for chipping the leaves. The other reason is because we have some very large trees with some very large leaves. And throughout the fall we could easy boast about a foot of leaves fall over every square inch of our yard. Or as the huz likes to say “its an insane amount of leaves”

I am very excited to start having the new fruit areas all have a nice bed of fine healthy mulch. I am also very excited because i am going to be able to use the compost in my little compost bin this year as well. I have done so much direct composting right into the raised garden beds because they have fencing around them and animals don’t get into them, that I have not put nearly as much kitchen scraps into the little compost bin as I used to.

RickabaughReviews approves of weeding reluctantly and greatly approves of updates on the 3D printed T-rex!