Fireplace makeover

I know that it is a bit early for Halloween decor to be put out, but its not to early to purchase Halloween decor, so out it goes. I have wanted for a bit to place a few candle holders for next to the fireplace. By the way, in our old house we had a gas fireplace, but I wanted them back then too, so a bit is 10 years. But they are soooo expensive! And I really could not justify the expense.

Then I showed The Huz a really great idea that we saw at Spirit Halloween and he really liked it. This weekend we were on the hunt for one, maybe two candle holders to start our fireplace collection.

Plain, simple fireplace.

We purchased 6 of 5 different designs. Three are Halloween themed so they will go away at the Beginning of November, so we may need to go back and get a few more from Tuesday Morning (a local store). We did end up getting three more candle holders right before going full Halloween decor from Big Lots.

I pulled out three hard backed books from the bookshelf, that were plain. And then I started pulling out a bunch of the candles that have been purchased for this year’s winter. I like to burn candles in the winter, adds light and warmth to the kitchen.

The next thing to do was to take the tags off of the candle holders and start placing them all about, along with a few pumpkins I got from Walmart.

I added a few other candles with out the pillars, for depth and volume.

A bunch of candles that I purchase come with a plastic wrapper on them to help protect from nicks and dents. So there was a great UN-wrapping. Took forever! I will say if you are planning to do this and burn them for a long time, take care in the scents that you mix. I was going for look not smell. There are at least five different flavors in there and not complementary at all.

Lit up it looks great!

All lit for a photo and then immediately put them all out, the dog is so furry, she will catch herself on fire.

Here is the fireplace upgrade with the three more pillars and after we got down the Halloween decor from the attic. A very nice look indeed.

I switched out some pumpkins for a display somewhere else in the dining room.

RickabaughReviews approves of Halloween decorating. Its so much fun.

Bonus!!! The 3D printed spiderweb corners for doorways made out of glow in the dark filament printed last year. 1-did not melt in the attic & 2-still glow in the dark when charged up with light.