Masks – to wear or not to wear

My husband and I have grocery shopped at Giant for over 10 years.  I have been grocery shopping at Giant before I met my husband, so probably around 20 years.  We have recently decided to not shop at Giant any more.  It has nothing to do with their coupon policy or their bonus card or even their gas rewards points that we have used and loved a great deal.

It has to do with their mask policy.  They have had signs up for six months stating that you must wear a mask while inside the store.  We wear a mask and do not have a problem with this policy, it is for the greater good of humanity.  We didn’t really have a huge problem with people not wearing masks, so long as they keep their distance.  Well they are not keeping their distance any more.  Not only that but the last time we shopped at Giant there were less people wearing masks than people who were not wearing them.  But what was very disappointing was a family who came in to shop. None of them wearing masks, but the adult male was open carrying a gun.  Which basically says to anyone who approaches him, if you tell me to put on a mask or tell me to leave, I will shoot you.

When my husband wrote to two corporate positions at Giant with concern of the fake mask policy because no one is enforcing the health and safety guidelines no response was given, neither positive, negative or even acknowledgement.

Unfortunately for Giant this has put such a bitter taste on where we feel safe to grocery shop that we are now rearranging our normal shopping habits.  We are now looking elsewhere to invest our hard earned money.  We are making a few furniture changes where we can get a small deep freezer.  In hopes that we are able to shop more bulk items at Costco which in turn will save us more money.  In addition Costco has taken the highly contractible and deadly covid-19 pandemic seriously, instead of as a political whimsy, which makes us even more secure in shopping at their facility.

RickabaughReviews approves of basic health and safety guidelines.