Small concrete leaves

This feature photo is my ambition! Watch my steps on what and what not to do!

I would like to start with when I try a new project or recipe I read several different versions and combine different aspects in order to make it work for me. I either do not add certain ingredients because I am allergic to them or try a different method because I do not have a certain product on hand.

Well I tried another very cool project!  I tried to put together small concrete leaves in a spherical shape, open on top to put a candle in outside.  It was an interesting trial.


I started with smaller containers to mix the concrete in. Solo cups. And I was ready with my balloons and small bowls. Plastic knives for stirring.


I picked out my leaves from the yard. They have nice bold veins on the back for excellent details on the finished product.


I had my concrete ready next to me. My small watering can was full and on the table ready to go. Yes we are outside. Concrete is very messy.


We blew up the balloon and placed it in the bowl for stability. Then we started to make small tape donuts to tape the leaves to the balloon.


It is looking amazing! I get to choose the direction and placement of the leaves. This is working out great!

The leaves are all on and i realize that the printed part will be on the inside of the candle holder. No big deal, i can just find more leaves and stick them on the outside as well and i will have a pretty design on both sides. The concept idea is great and exciting.


We mixed up the concrete. Next we attempted to put heavy wet concrete on not a flat surface-yes you probably know where I am going with this.


It looks so pretty right in this photograph and easy. That is opposite of what is NOT pictured because my husband was keeping the concrete mixing and spooning me little amounts at a time in order to place it specifically he was unable to take photos. Maybe next time we will get a third party photographer. Although there is the down side of them bent over laughing at my husband and I struggling, and our silly comments, so there would still be no photographs taken.

What you are missing is where the concrete was too heavy. The tape was not holding and the leaves kept sliding out of place or just plain old falling or jumping off of the balloon.

We had to work harder and faster.


Here you can see we have it completed. Yahoo, we are very excited, we take it inside the garage very carefully in order to dry for 24 hours.

i accidentally tapped it once inside and on the counter and it completely fell apart all of the counter.

Alright, lets try to save it!


We wrapped some mixing bowls in cling wrap- it never clings to what you want it to cling to.

And put the concrete leaves inside.


The husband at this point had run out of positivity, but I kept saying “ It’s trial and error-it will be fine-it will be great!”

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

The next day we took off the leaves.

Warning sad photograph below!


It did not work!!! Also they are beautiful! But because they are so thin-they are brittle and crumble when I pick them up.

This project F- !

I really love the concept and want to be able to make a candle holder but I am going to do it differently next time.