Babysitting Chickens

My first experience babysitting chickens for a friend was an interesting adventure.

Our friends in our neighborhood got chickens.  They are so cute to look at.  My husband and I know how hard raising and caring for livestock looks.  We have a mild taste of keeping animals alive because we have a dog, A dog, one dog.  She is a lot of work.  This is why we choose to be gardener’s not farmers.  We have a high appreciation for those who raise livestock because we know that livestock tastes delicious.

When you have livestock it is essential to find special care takers for when you need to go out of town.  This is our first time chicken sitting and I was correct, we are not livestock people.

One of the roosters bit me and it did not hurt or even leave a mark.  I can not even remember which finger it bit, but none the less it caught me off guard.  I screamed and jumped and greatly startled all the chickens away from me, while I was trying to befriend them.  I don’t want them to be scared of me because I have a hard enough time trying to pick them up and put them in their night time house without them running away from me.

I have been told by my sister-in-law that chickens have better eyesight than humans.  My sister-in-law is my go to chicken expert.  So I have put together a plan to get these chickens to love and trust me. Lets be honest its through yummy snacks.

I picked out a small bright red plastic cup to bring them treats.  I went into their enclosure and tapped the cup gently with my finger nails and gave them treats from the cup.  They are very interested in the bright red cup even when its empty.  So 1 point for yesterday’s initial trial teaching them the cup has yummy snacks in it.

I googled chicken treats and came up with a bunch of results.  So this bedtime snack included cooked rice, raw broccoli and raw yellow squash.


I dumped most of the snacks into the night time house in order to encourage them to stay there while I wrangle them all to bed, one at a time.

Between my husband and I we got 6 chickens to bed and closed the door.  It took a half an hour. And halfway through I ended up getting their giant food bin lid to corner them.  I am not a very good chicken catcher.  So we are very excited to see the camera footage of how incredibly awkward and silly our first bedtime routine was.

The chickens are very skeptical of us.  Rightly so!!! Also I feel like they are constantly judging us.


Tonight’s treats include cooked rice, fresh lettuce, broccoli and strawberries.  All of these I chop up small. I do not want any of them to choke while their parents are away.  I do not know how to do CPR on a chicken.


My husband took a short video of me with the chickens.  They are so fluffy, and they can smell the fear on me from a mile away.  I did much better getting them into bed tonight.  Right after this video was taken one of the chickens bit me again today.  My friend did say one of them is a biter.  Also known as a jerk chicken.  The food bin lid which is not shown in this video, helps corner them so I can pick them up or keep them from jumping off of the side of the ramp as they make their way to bed.


When we were putting the door on the night time house they were all munching away happily on their bedtime treats.

RickabaughReviews approves of chicken treats, but not so much of getting bit by a chicken.