Giving back in 2020

There are many ways in which we can all give back. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are small. Sometimes the small gifts to others are gigantic. In the past and I know in the future there have been and will be times when I need help. No one can live on planet earth alone. I am a very busy person so I been trying to look for helpful opportunities that are a one time helping situation.

I have in the past donated money to different organizations. I know money really helps a lot but I wanted to be a little more hands on. My wonderful husband found a few places where I could do some good. One that really caught my eye was where I could put my crocheting to good use for those in need. They accept hand made hats, scarves and gloves for the needy. I only know a few basic crochet stitches. I am not great with patterns but I can make a long rectangle so scarves are a go! When someone has asked me lately what I have been making I have told them scarves for the chilly. I have told family and co-workers I don’t like to say for the needy because we all have needs, these people specifically need help to not be cold.

I made a baby blanket for someone last year and had about a half of a skein of yarn left over of each color. I used the pink to make finger-less gloves for a friend. The purple for finger-less gloves for myself. The teal I made into a scarf for the chilly.

In the attic recently when looking for some yarn for the neighbor girl to make herself a poncho I found a blanket I had started about 15 years ago and did not finish. But I did find a half a ball of the pink yarn that matched the partial blanket. So I brought it down and did a few finishing touches. Put on an edge and shell border on the ends. Another scarf for the chilly and less partial projects in the attic.

Does giving back always have to be a big gesture? no. Sometimes its as simple as I make home made bread for my husband and I twice a week. One yeast packet makes two loaves of bread. Since we are not able to eat a whole loaf in the four days before it molds why not give the second loaf to one of the families in our neighborhood. We have four houses out of the seventeen on our street that have four kids in each house. I have been rotating giving out bread to the neighbors. Sometimes I feel silly doing these small things for others but i know that in my simple act of reaching out to the neighbors with a little loaf of bread and a kind word it helps to make me feel wanted and needed and I know that they also feel that way. It helps me keep in touch with the families closest physically to our home and I really think that it helps me feel less intimidated by people around me as well. We are all here to help each other out.

Whether it be bread, scarves, yard work, or something like helping make Halloween costumes for the new family members across the street.

RickabaughReviews encourages all of us to reach out to help someone else, you might be surprised how much it helps you.

Scrap Blanket

When you are handed down yarn and have leftovers from projects, you make unique blankets wrapped in charm.


Complimentary colors to start out.  Then rows of alternating colors until they are completely gone.


When the blanket is square a border can but put on. A plain double crochet can finish it off nicely. I have added this as well as a shell border.





Does a reward system work?

People probably think that I am an incredibly disciplined person.  I am a little bit. I have so much trouble creating a new discipline or good habit that I want in my life. Biggest best example that almost everyone struggles with is exercise. When I was in high school and college and was active in sports it was so easy. The coach told you when and where and what. And I followed the rules or direction of the Coach. I showed up and I exercised.

I am 37 and not a full time athlete, I work a couple of jobs. Finding time to exercise in my busy schedule is not my highest priority.  I did find it a priority to get Halloween candy early, just in case. Candy is delicious, and we rarely have candy in the house, because I will eat it.

The weather has not been great-mostly rain. So I have been inside doing crafts in a sedentary life style, instead of lots of yard work, sweating out my extra calories.  In addition I recently added 2/3 pieces of candy every day. Its not a lot of candy, they are the miniatures.

But I have not been able to sit in the car or at work without unbuttoning my blue jeans. Not cool!


I want to sit and crochet all evening on my comfy couch, but I also want to button my pants. So I have to get in some indoor exercise. I am not using candy as my reward for exercising. Also I am not going to the gym for hours. Start out slow with small goals and small rewards for those goals.

So I grabbed my crocheting and set my goal for 50. Every 50 stitches I set down the blanket and  went up the steps, at the top of the steps I did 10 push ups. Walked back down the steps and laid down on the floor next to my crocheting and did 25 crunches. Max time 5 minuets.

Crocheted another 50 and hopped up, walked across the house, up the steps for my push ups at the top. My small exercise routine is low impact, slow stress, small goals that are attainable. Attainable goals are the key. I told myself if I did small bits of exercise In between I could pick up my crocheting again.  A free evening is a rate event, but I was able to do this for three and a half hours today.


So my blanket grew 8 rows and I was able to get in over 25 flights of steps, 150 push ups and just over 400 crunches. I also got in streching time. That is a big work out. I got in upper, lower and torso.

Small rewards for small goals, works amazing!

RickabaughReviews approves!

Tomorrow will not be as difficult. Hopefully soon my pants won’t be so difficult as well.

Low Stress Remnant Blanket update

I got a good bit done on the remnant blanket today.


I was able to get four complete rows from the medium pink. I then added one row of light pink and one row of light purple that will be the border color.

I have started the dark pink three rows and then I will be doing three of the purple that I had done before. After I will be putting in a single row of cream as a subtle pattern that will be between each color where I will use all that I have of the small skeins.


The blanket about doubled in size today.

Completed Baby Blanket

8C6E05B5-88D0-478F-B589-3271EA771668.jpegI finally finished the scrap baby blanket!  At no other time in my life could this blanket have been possible.  It is left over ends made from many other blankets and projects including projects my grandmother made from 60 years ago.  I was passed down the yarn scraps because I can crochet.


Here is my trusty bag of yarn left overs that I dug out of several tubs in the basement and attic because my craft stuff is everywhere. I would randomly choose a color pull it out and connect the ends and depending on how much yarn was on the ball or skein I would either do a single stitch or a double stitch, or multiple rows. Having no pattern meant that I did not have a specific amount of yarn that I needed or how big the blanket needed to be.  It was a very relaxing project.  I am able to crochet in very low light by the feel of the yarn.  So when we go to the movies I take my crocheting with me, multitask to the max! I also crochet in the car, but only when the husband is driving.


In the photo above you can see the very plain blue border that really helps wrap it up and make it look complete.  I personally love my shell boarder but that is a bit fancy for a baby boy blanket.

In this close up you can see that there is no set pattern. This was a very fun gift!


Welcome to the new Klunk baby!