Puzzle Time

We are sometimes frugal to a fault, so I make sure that we reward ourselves every now and then. We were getting a quick delicious dessert at Costco for going to visit a friend. We saw that they are beginning to bring out their Christmas decor and gifts as well. Yes I believe it is too early. But that will not stop us from looking at what they have.

We saw some really nice 3D puzzles of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One has the Hogwarts castle and the other puzzle has the train and some Diagon Alley buildings. Each puzzle was only $25. We were almost to the checkout with the dessert, but I had to get them. And of course I had to get both of them.

Labor Day weekend was a perfect weekend to start a puzzle, it is starting to get darker out earlier. We are not happy about it and we refuse to go to bed earlier so we stay up late and put puzzles together. When opening the castle puzzle we were a bit shocked at how large it will end up being and no we have no idea where we will put it, and yes once it is built it stays built forever.

We already had it started and I stated awwww we should have done a time lapse video of the assembly. The Husband agreed with the next puzzle we will do a time lapse. For the castle we have in-progress photos.

All together the puzzle took both of us working on it for close to 13 hours in order to complete it. The box states that it is for children 8 years and older. I do not know any 8 year olds that would be able to put this together without help. A few pieces were difficult, some tore and had to be glued. Also some steps are not 100 percent clear, and I feel like I am putting together Ikea furniture.

This is the small deceiving box that it came in.
When we opened up the poster base we quickly realized we underestimated its size. Yes it states the finished size on the box. They now have a display built at Costco. It also took them a week to put it together.
Two stacks of puzzle pieces marked with numbers.
Instruction Booklet is very daunting.
And so it begins…
Most important tip is using a toothpick to poke out the slots – front to back, sometimes the paper tore.
And sometimes just use tiny scissors. We then needed to glue this piece.
When putting on the bottom of the castle have one person holding it sideways to accurately pop it on, and use lots of light. No need to strain your eyes.
First half done – on to the Astronomy tower.
Worst piece ever, just fell apart. I think it was piece 58 in the second half.
Now that it is complete – this is all the leftovers.
Just realized it is so big I did not even get it all in the picture.

RickabaughReviews is in LOVE with how this puzzle turned out. It is so much more detailed than expected and incredibly affordable for what you get. This will be a very long lasting quality display piece.

Added bonus – our latest 3D print fun – fall decor vase filler.

They are sooooo tiny!!!

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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