Trying to save the Bees

Yes I am very allergic to basically the outdoors. They would include trees, grass, flowers/pollen. And living in America in 2020 amid Covid-19 I really have seen how selfish humans can be. I have been greatly disappointed. I am no longer rooting for humans, I am now on team planet earth. With my allergies in mind knowing that I am going to make them worse by adding flowers to the yard, back in mid July I had purchased 4 bags of Gladioli from Big Lots. They were 50% off. Each bag had 10 bulbs, even if only 2 grow from each bag its such a great deal!

I moved some flowers from in front of the shed to the edge of the woods. Hopefully in the spring they will bloom along with the orange day lilies and it will be very colorful at the edge of the woods.

I also took out a lot of over grown weeds from in front of the shed and added 40 Gladioli bulbs. It is late August and a bunch of them have sprouted. They probably will not bloom this year and I will cut them down in the fall and cover the area with mulched leaves to protect everything over the winter. But next year I am ready for some really big color.

The bees love colorful flowers. I have caught them all summer in the spaghetti squash flowers. Even if we were not so successful this year with our squash harvest I would still have planted squash seeds next year, just for the bees. Every morning when watering I would find bees in the big blooms. Bumble bees and honey bees. One morning I found two honey bee butts per flower on the one plant that had five flowers on it. Bee butts in flowers first thing in the morning will make any gardener smile. Our honey bees have not survived but we are hoping that others do.

Last fall I purchased 6 Mums of differing colors and planted them in the space where a very large Pine tree had been taken down. I had read that they will survive our climate if they are planted in the ground. They are most famous in our area in pots for the fall beauty and then usually die. I also read that they will bloom in the spring when planted in the ground but to keep them from blooming in the spring you are supposed to trim the new growth off of them. This will then force them to regrow more tips and then the buds will bloom around the fall season instead. We have plenty of spring flowers for the bees so I was looking for some later colorful flowers in the fall to give the local bees the best boost before winter. I can tell you first hand this worked like magic! Not only that but they all doubled in size and one grew easily 4 times the size it was last year when I planted them.

The husband and I greatly love a lot of color. One flower that has a multitude of bright bold color options are tulips. When we moved in there have been a few amount of tulips every spring. There are about 5 big red tulips out front and one very pretty tulip that blooms out back. Tulips like Gladioli can be purchased easily in their bulb state. I like to purchase bulbs because they come back every year. Yes we just purchased two bags of tulip bulbs that will bloom in the spring. Each bag had 50 tulip bulbs. Each bag cost only $13 so for twenty six dollars 100 bulbs is such a good price. Costco had so many beautiful color choices it was very hard to pick just two bags. We didn’t need to go over board so we stuck with just two. We currently have a great deal of purple early in the spring and then a few red and pink rose bushes that bloom all summer long. What really helped narrow down our choices was the information found on the packaging.

Notice in the upper left hand corner it says blooms early spring. Also we love the double petal look and liked the orange and yellow for in the spring to mix with the blue bells and the purple spotted iris’ that are planted every where.

This mix of late spring blooms has some purples in it but also look at those pretty pinks and of course the double petal look really grabbed our full attention.

Last night we talked about where we would plant the tulips and how we would plant one early and one late close by each other in all the different flower beds. This morning when planting 100 bulbs I figured the colors would not be labeled at all so it would be up to sheer dumb luck at what color showed up where in the spring. This was true for the early spring mix pack. But to my surprise the late spring blooming pack was separated into one bag of purple and one bag of pinks. So when popping the bulbs in the ground it was a great deal more fun being able to alternate and know that these at least are spread out evenly through out the flower beds.

The neighbors rave about how pretty our place is with all the flowers that bloom spring, summer and fall. I had mentioned to the neighbors across the street how we wanted to add tulips and a wishing well to one of the flower beds and they were so excited. I asked why they were so excited and they said they love the wishing well and tulips idea and that if we put them out front they get to look out their front windows and enjoy them as well. I can hardly wait to hear and see all the neighbors just in love with the explosion of tulips in the spring.

RickabaughReviews approves of Costco as well as tulips in the spring for all the little bee butts out there.

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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