Expanding the Yard

In previous posts I have described how the flower bed along the fence line is too deep to comfortably weed. Today I worked on reducing the depth of the flowerbed and expanding the “yard” or grass space.

The plants are two and three rows deep.

I really do not not like stepping in between the plants to weed or trim them. I know that snakes like this area as well as the wolf spiders, so a rogue blade of grass gently touching my leg in the breeze sends me back into the house, weeding done. This area is never taken care of very well.

We want to plant some Rose of Sharon along this fence line, but I insisted that we reduce the depth first so that I can properly take care of the bushes that we get. It is the back half of August and this area is in mostly shade so not too hot to grow grass.

I am looking to basically push back or transplant out the whole front row of plants.

The first step was to dig out a few of the grasses that are in the front row. I transplanted these to the woods.

I dug out two sections of clumping grasses.

One section of clumping grasses was growing in front of some very tall grasses that will stay and the other section was growing in front of the large elephant ear.

I then took a garden rake, which is different then a yard rake, and I raked the mulch back towards the fence in between the plants in the back row. In doing this it exposed the “dirt” or clay below.

Considering the ground is mostly clay we will see how well the grass seed takes to the new grass growing area. We have purchased a shade mix of seed which we will be using more of out front and then we have a grass seed for mostly shady which is what I will use on this area. There is a large maple tree about 10 feet from the fence and it has gotten huge, casting a large amount of shade over the entire side yard. One reason why our garden boxes of veggies do not do as nearly as well as all the neighbors who have their garden boxes in full sun. The previous owners had put in the garden boxes and we didn’t move them.

As you can see I put down grass seed.

I then used the rain barrel water to give it a bit of water right before sunset. It was very nice that there was a light rain the next morning. Just enough to encourage growth not enough to wash it all away.

RickabaughReviews approves of making yard work less of a chore, mow it, don’t weed it.

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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