Late July Gardening

It is that time of the summer, when the ferns are burnt, and the first flowers from the Hostas are all spent.


We worked for about an hour last night trimming down and weeding out.  It has been so hot lately we have been watering and then doing inside chores.  The evenings are just getting cool enough to get some good work in.  I learned a few years ago that if I cut down the spent flowers from the Hostas most of them will grow new stalks of flowers later this summer.  My goal is to trim down and weed for about an hour a day after work from here on out until fall.


Before photos of some of the Hosta stalks that get cut down. I cut them down for looks as well as for the bees and butterflies. I also trim the ferns to encourage new growth and for the looks.  The Daylilies at the back of the yard are spent for the year and I will be cutting them down for aesthetics. There are a few other types of flowers that I am trimming so that they will put out new flowers as well as the Hostas.  This type of flower is called “cut and come again”.  A few of these are the bee balm as well as the cone flowers. You can cut them in bloom and enjoy them inside but they will bloom again outside.

Roses are one of the more popular type of cut and come again flowers.  We do not bring flowers inside the house, my allergies are too bad for this.  We get to enjoy the colors and smells of them outside.  The blooms end up dying on the bush and that it why I call it deadheading.  I will “deadhead” the roses and they will send out more flowers. Depending on the type of rose bush.  There is one rose bush that only blooms once.  It is more of a trellis rose, and less like a bush. Deadheading is how we get continuous color all summer.

We did some yard work at the in-laws home this weekend. Mowing and I did a bit of trimming of some of the flowers.  I trimmed a bunch of dead branches out of their azalea as well as trimming down the stalks of a large Lilly they have. The Lilly had only one seed pod on it, yes I took the seed pod. When the Lily is this pretty you take the seed pod.


We have also been looking lately for Peonies, I have heard rumors from more than one person that they attract ants.  Well If we can have all the ants in the yard going to the peonies instead of my veggies that would be wonderful.  I also trimmed off some of the seed pods from the Peonies at the in-laws home.

Another gem of an idea that we are going to try from one of their neighbors are some Rose of Sharon bushes.  They had them very nicely trimmed so that they acted as a taller hedge/ privacy fence for their yard.  They had a few different colors. We did a little research on price and tolerances. They come in many different colors, are reasonably priced and can grow around to 12 feet high in our climate. At 5 years they are at full height with growing about 20 inches each year.


One change that we are currently working on is reducing the size of some of the flower beds.  The main one that we are working on is the side yard where the flower beds along the fence line are about four feet deep.  I have found it difficult to keep these nice because I am not able to easily weed the areas.  We would like to make them about 18 to 20 inches deep away from the fence, which means plants need to move.  This is a very hard and tedious task.  We then have to lay down grass seed.  And yes water the seed.  If we get really going on this project at this point in the year, the grass seed will take well before fall and grow in nearly perfect for next years mowing season.

I am trying a bit of experimenting with doing time lapse videos.  We are using a Wyze camera that we got for inside the home.  We are able to do time lapse videos because it has a memory card.  We worked for about 45 minutes and had the camera take a photo every 10 seconds.  Check out how much we can get done in 45 minutes, I wish all that weeding only took 20 seconds.

RickabaughReviews is enjoying the time lapse videos.


Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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