Are you still gardening?

Places are opening up and places are shutting back down.  Does that mean you have stopped gardening? Or that you have stopped looking for great gardening deals?

With it being the dead of summer here in the states that does mean a few things, your plants probably need a little more TLC.  I have been going around to the plants checking on them watching for bug infestation.


This is what the grape leaves look like with a bug problem. What I have seen around the damaged leaves are two types of beetles. So far the grapes that are growing every day have not been damaged by the beetles.


Although I have watched them eating the blueberries. This is the type of beetle that I have seen in the past. It also devours all of the rose bushes.  The last two years they have stripped the one apple tree of all of its leaves. So this year when I started seeing damage I have been trying to drown a few in soapy water daily.  I tap them into a coffee can with a paint stick.  I have noticed that while I am only ridding my yard of a few beetles a day the apple trees, grapes and rose bushes have been better than in years past.


Also recently I have been seeing a few of these lighter brown beetles around.


The one bug I have heard about and have never seen in previous years are squash bugs.  I don’t know what they look like but I have found a bunch of bugs on my squash plants that look like this.


The bugs we have the most problems with are aphids, ants and beetles.  I noticed an infestation of aphids on my newly planted apple tree yesterday. I have seen ants all over the tree for weeks, and would tap them off.  Are the ants eating the aphids or are they all working together to destroy my new tree?


I water every morning and evening especially with the amount of heat that we have every day, unless it rains.

But what I noticed yesterday while shopping was the plant deals.  Its not a perfect time to transplant and a lot of the plants at stores that don’t specialize in plants, have a hard time keeping them alive.

Discounted plants is where it is at, in the dead of the summer.  I only recommend spending money on plants if you are willing to put in the time and effort.  Otherwise planting in the middle of summer might be a bit devastating for you. Financially and emotionally.

Make sure you are looking for plants that come back year after year.  Also make sure you are not buying a dead stick, which I have done in the past, then I just have to return it.  If you see green on the stems make sure the green goes the whole way down to the dirt.

I purchased some blackberry bushes earlier in the year and when I transplanted them, they all died.  It was very heart breaking, but stubborn me, I just kept watering them and sure enough all of them but one has shot off at the base of the plant a new little stem with leaves.

I try to give all my plants a fighting chance.  RickabaughReviews approves of discount plants and watering.

Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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