April Showers

The old saying is April showers brings May flowers.  The flowers have been here but the honey bees died again over the winter.  We are unsure of what killed them off because it was a very mild winter this year.  We are very sad about not having bees, we might not try again this year.

We did trim up the existing outdoor fruit trees.  There are two pear trees and two apple trees.  We were told when we moved in that the trees were a few years old when planted and were planted for a few years and had never produced. We have been here for 2 years so at the youngest they are 6.  The first year we got one pear. Last year we got 5 pears from the same pear tree.   I trimmed all four trees several times.  We have watched some videos on how to properly trim fruit trees for fruit production.  And we are pretty confident that my random fruit tree trimming helped with out knowing how or why.


You can see how out of control the trees were and below they are all trimmed up nicely.  We took about 15 feet off the top of the one pear tree because we did not get to trimming it up last year.  They are all doing very well.


The pear tree that we got 5 pears from last year when in bloom had three clusters of flower blooms.  Today we counted and have 11 flower clusters on that pear tree, the other pear tree has 3 clusters so we are hopeful.  The two apple trees do not have any flowers on them yet.  We have noticed that the last two years the beetles are pretty bad and have stripped 3/4 of the leaves off of the one apple tree every year.  I am going to work harder on getting rid of the beetles.  We have also had problems with aphids on the rose bushes.

Earlier this year I purchased a great deal of cinnamon, three bulk containers.  We were having problems with the ants eating the vegetable plants.  When we lived in Harrisburg, cinnamon really did the trick to keep the ants off of the sunflowers.  We will be trying cinnamon on all of the plants this year.

We took back the one blueberry bush that died and we purchased three more.  We now have two bluecrop and two jersey.  The huz and I were very excited to try and get some of the plants transplanted this weekend but yes it is calling for flurries today.  Ewwwww.

We have not taken all of the plants out yesterday and we will be keeping them in again today.  But we got some progress done yesterday on chipping for around the pond as well as I dug a very little bit around the second stump in order to burn them down this weekend if the wind is not bad.  I am working half days the next two days because of cut hours at work so we will see just how productive I can be.

We did do a great deal of chipping the last two days and when the huz and myself really work together we can get a lot done.  In the picture with the trimmed up tree you can see in the flower bed above the rock wall that it has a bunch of old dark mulch among the plants that are getting bigger every day.  Well the husband chipped on Wednesday for 45 minutes while I was at work and yesterday evening we both worked on chipping for 45 minutes.  We almost have the whole pile of branches from the two pine trees coming down chipped.  But just take a look at how lovely the area looks with fresh mulch.


We do have to continue chipping because we need to do on the other side of the pond.  And there are plenty of branches in a mess of a pile in several places in the wooded area of the property.  We just have to drag them over to the chipper and prep them.

RickabaughReviews approves of yard work as hard work and yard work is good exercise.

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I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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