Old Sign-New Life

The whole idea of this blog is about trying new things. In this post I get to try my hand at using a Dremel. A coworker asked if I could help bring an old sign that was on her In-laws mailbox for many years, back to life.  It has their family name etched into it but it is bearly readable. When I first saw the sign I was very unsure of how I would tackle this project.  I try very hard to not let my doubts get to me.  So after studying it for a few minutes, I said something along the lines of my game plan. This was the shape of the board when I took it home to refinish.


I knew I had my work cut out for me when I first touched it and it was a bit soft because it was so soaked through from rain.

Step one: Bring in the board, mold and all and let it dry out.

Step two: Hand sanding.  It has a large crack down the board and I was thinking too much vibration from the palm sander might break it right in half.



I have a few stages of hand sanding. It looks better and better each time. I only do about 5 to 10 minutes of sanding per day so as not to wear out my hands or arms.   Most of the top layer was mold that had grown on the surface of the board.

Due to the great amount of mold I had no idea about the deer silhouette  after the name, at first. I am so glad I did find it and was able to save it.  It adds so much to the sign.

I found that I needed to refresh the slight engraving on the board.  I checked out my husbands tools. He is always so willing to share with me and help me with almost anything that I try.

I found a sharp pointy tool and slightly pushed deepening the outlines of the letters and the deer silhouette in order to continue to sand down to good solid board.


It worked very well and helped me so much when I was able to try the Dremel for the first time. After it was mold and mildew free from sanding and mostly smooth we took the board outside to Dremel.


This was the start! The husband showing me how to use the Dremel. And this was after all the Dremeling was complete.


Next was painting! I used Black paint with a touch of pearly white which gave it a beautiful graphite look.


I totally love this raw soft color, but my coworker was not sure if they were going to put the sign outside or inside. So I needed to have a sealer. Polyurethane is my favorite, it brings out the rich natural colors.

Putting on the polyurethane is not too hard. I do suggest using disposable paint brushes with the polyurethane, it is so much easier.


And there you have it! Far better than I ever imagined it would turn out. My husband and I want to make one for ourselves already.


All the coworkers and the RickabaughsReviews Approve! Hope you liked it too!




Author: jeanetelouise

I see many project ideas online and I want to try them all. Watch, laugh and learn along with me.

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